Photo by Sebastian Bolesch

Here We Are
Alone together
Under the Water,
The Clear Warm Water
Breathing Like Air, the Clear Warm Water
Seeing Not Seeing Yet Seeing Each Other
Floating, Weightless and Painless and Timeless and Ageless
and Flawless We Reach Out Together
Seeing Not Seeing Yet Seeing Each Other
Touching Not Touching Yet Touching the Fingertips
Clasping Our Fingers So Gently Together.
Pulling so gently our beings Together
Closing Our Beings Still Closer Together
Idealised Visions of Being Together . . .

Slowly, Start Rotating Together Together
Hands Clasped to Guide us Through
This primitive Dance, We Are
Swirling together, the Dance of Dances

Waltzing the Waltz of Waltzes Together
Dancing the Dance of Dances Together
‘Round and ‘Round We Go Together
Curling and Swirling and Twirling Together

Trusting each other, yes trusting completely
Dancing as if we were one
As if we were one
If we were one

And then Millions of Bubbles Caress Us Rewarding Us


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