Sharks in my swimming pool . . .

. . . or why this isn’t

Back in 1973 I started to identify with wildturnip — it was the name of the boat I had at the time. Since then, wildturnip has been my handle on several discussion boards (mostly related to motorsport). A few years back I registered the domain with the intention of developing a website in addition to to primary site of Although I held the domain name for years I never did anything with it. It came up for renewal last year but I neglected to re-register. Silly me.

I decided a few days ago that should be my primary Internet presence and I looked into re-registering and moving forward. A quick Whois search told me a very ugly truth: as soon as my domain name expired it was snatched up by the sharks at who would would sell it back to me for the the “generous” price of $1995. $1995! Are they
kidding me?

I now know I am by no means alone. Others have told the same story. If one is so lax as to allow their domain name to expire there are unscrupulous companies that are more than willing to snatch up a name they have no intention of using and holding it for ransom. I’ve also heard that if you try to try to talk or other similar enterprises down in their price they’ll actually RAISE their asking price.

No, this is not — I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of beating me — but I’ll always be Wildturnip.

Be vigilant, friends.


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